Tips for a powerful logo design

Considering getting a logo design for your organization?

Keep an eye on the tips given to have a power packed logo design that delivers the required impact.

  • Knowing who you are up against: Keep an eye on your competitors, their logo designs and concepts. You need not be inspired but you need to be aware of what others in the field are doing.
  • Have a strategy: Asking the right questions like why do we need a logo design? What do we do about it? How to go about it? How do we stand out? What separates us from the rest? Etc.
  • Be open to changes: You may have some ideas of your own, but be flexible through the process. There may be some concepts that may not work out, others may be unexpected but seem appropriate.
  • Do not forget the heritage: If your brand or company has a rich heritage behind it, you can very well show it off. A heritage means the company has been strong and has grown over the years. Do not forget to mention that in your logo.
  • Logo is just one ingredient: A logo design no matter how powerful is still just one component. Your brand on its own needs to be good enough to sustain the competition and meet the needs of the target.
  • Choose your typeface well: In the recent past, logo design typefaces have been mostly dominated by ‘sans serifs’ which tend to look friendlier and more approachable. However, if your brand needs the sophistication of ‘serif’ then you must go for it.