Logo Design mistakes one must avoid

We just saw some great tips to bear in mind while designing a powerful logo. Following are some mistakes that we must avoid at all times. As this will only cause harm and no good.

Plagiarising: This will firstly put you and your company into legal trouble. Then secondly it speaks very cheaply of a brand to have copied or stolen a logo design from elsewhere. Even if the design is not a competitor or a renowned brand.

Having a vague or excessively complex design: Learn the difference between abstract and vague. Even if it is abstract, it cannot be so complex that one simply does not understand it.

Incorrect color schemes: No doubt a logo design has to be colorful or bright. But do not add too many colors that the design looks garish. Also the text, if any, merges with the other colors, then your logo is a waste.

Typographic Errors: This can be safely called a ‘blunder’. Check your spellings and grammar enough number of times. Share it among others to re-check. A typographic error cannot be forgiven.